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Sacred Energy eXchange  (Level 8)
11/30/2018 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time

Price - CAD 675.00 Location - Mansfield Education Centre

Sacred Energy eXchange  (Level 8)
12/07/2018 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Price - USD 625.00 Location - Earthdance

Sacred Energy Exchange (Level 8)

Your energy is unique, powerful and tinged in an array of colors and intensities. You have created, honed and sculpted your authentic presentation in the world. Taking on responsibility for your own energy in the world is a mantle of presence.

Come explore the sacredness, beauty, power and wonder of “sacred energy exchange.” As you get in touch with your sacred energy, you will likely feel happier, more alert, alive, engaged, and more self-assured without having to “do” anything. There is often the feeling of being playful and connected and capable of opening your heart to everyone.  You can expect to:

  • Explore the range of energies of gender expression

  • Celebrate that we are sexual beings and experience giving and receiving

  • Honor, appreciate and love one another by practicing asking for what you want

Sacred Energy eXchange (Level 8)
2/8/2019 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Price - USD 745.00 Location - NorCal- Saratoga Springs, Upper Lake CA

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