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Creating Community, Level 6
6/16/2017 6:00 Eastern Standard Time

Price - CAD 625.00 Location - New Forest Retreat

Do you wish your life outside the Room of Love—your home-life, your work-life—could be more like your experiences in workshop? Do you desire, perhaps yearn for, having the “workshop” intimacy and connection flow out into all the communities in which you participate?
Level 6: Creating Community promises to powerfully build on the best of the principles of HAI. You’ll move closer to living the vision of an unconditionally loving and peaceful global family—a global community that supports HAI’s mission to “create a world where people live together in dignity, respect, understanding, trust, kindness, compassion, reverence, honesty and love: a world where everyone wins.”

Radical Intimacy: Creating Vibrant Connections, Level 9
  Eastern Standard Time

Price - CAD 625.00 Location - New Forest Retreat

“There were moments when I felt more deeply connected to myself, my friends, the room of love and the planet than I ever
have before.” ~C.A.
“Allowing myself to embrace and accept all of me, and realizing that my friends saw me more beautifully and magnificently
than I saw myself was life-changing.” ~G.A.

For most of us, our HAI experience has been an inward journey toward a deeply-rooted self-awareness and selfacceptance,
as well as an outward journey toward meaningful connection and community. Level 9: Radical Intimacy—
Creating Vibrant Connections invites us wholeheartedly into a close and compassionate knowing and honoring of
ourselves and more openly into a genuine, affectionate personal kinship with each other.

Living at Choice, Level 3
  Eastern Standard Time

Price - CAD 625.00 Location - New Forest Retreat

“Level 3 helped me step into my own power and make the choices I wanted for my life. I never knew that I could be so happy.” ~C.A.

“My self-consciousness and life-long negativity actually went away somewhere and hasn’t returned. I feel I really connected with people on a very basic level, a simple appreciation that we were all feeling much the same things, with similar
needs.” ~C.R.
Do you ever find yourself wondering why you make the choices you make? Do you let others create your “menu” of options? Do you go along to get along? What could your life be if you were to choose, really choose all your thoughts and behavior?

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