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Love is a Miracle, Level 1
8/25/2017 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time

Price - CAD 575.00 Location - Sugar Ridge

I learned at HAI workshops that I really am lovable and valuable, and I now believe people when they tell me, ‘I love you.’ As I have opened to loving myself, it has made my relationships so much richer, deeper and real.” ~K.L.
“At the beginning of the workshop, I wanted to hide. I had a lot of body shame. I gained an amazing sense of freedom. I left feeling like I was one of god’s creatures, flitting around.” ~ D.B.
Can you remember a time when you felt loved? Remember how it felt to know you were lovable. And if you’ve never
felt you were truly loved, what do you imagine being loved would feel like for you?

Loving Yourself, Level 2
10/27/2017 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time

Price - CAD 625.00 Location - Camp Pinecrest

“Level 2 changed my life... period. I was a frustrated and scared singer/songwriter when I went to the weekend. The love and acceptance I was offered jump-started my own self-love so intensely that when I came home, I had a new confidence and recorded my first solo album—I’m working on my second. Now, I travel and play my music, knowing that I matter and am loved—I never would have this without my Level 2 experience. Thank you HAI.” ~L.G.

Can you imagine how your life would change if you deeply, and unconditionally loved yourself? Is it a little scary just to read those words? Level 2: Loving Yourself reinforces self love, self confidence and self worth. It’s about falling in love with you and extending unconditional love to yourself as you would your best friend. How would it feel to really let your love out, for yourself and others?

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