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Pacific Standard Time
Start Oct 16, 2015 7:00 PM
End Oct 18, 2015 2:00 AM
HAI NorCal Office
(707) 981-7886
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Event Registration Fee (per person) USD 545.00
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Event Summary

I learned at HAI workshops that I really am lovable and valuable, and I now believe people when they tell me, ‘I love you.’ As I have opened to loving myself, it has made my relationships so much richer, deeper and real.” ~K.L.
“At the beginning of the workshop, I wanted to hide. I had a lot of body shame. I gained an amazing sense of freedom. I left feeling like I was one of god’s creatures, flitting around.” ~ D.B.
Can you remember a time when you felt loved? Remember how it felt to know you were lovable. And if you’ve never
felt you were truly loved, what do you imagine being loved would feel like for you?

Event Team


My two greatest passions in my life are my family and leading HAI workshops. I'm deeply in love with my wife of 25 years, Donna, who also leads the workshops. My 16 year old son, Kavi, has been one of my greatest teachers of unconditional Love. I have been facilitating HAI workshops since 1989. I lead about 30 weekends a year, as I want to be in the "Room of Love" as much as possible. I am also a spiritual counselor in Marin and am filled by helping individuals and couples to transcend psychology in order to awaken their Love and to live in harmony with Life’s spiritual rhythm. I am also the author of three heart-opening books, "Seeds of Light," "Living Life in Love," and "My 11 Enlightening Days with Sri Mooji.”
Event Details

Level 1: Love is a Miracle is a residential weekend workshop for anyone interested in having more love and intimacy in your life. Communication and connection are keys to love, intimacy and sexuality. Imagine being safely and gently guided to connect deeply and profoundly, first with yourself, and then—as you choose—with others, in an honest, supportive, and open-hearted environment.

Join us for this fabulous personal growth experience, where you will be invited to:
♥ Remove blocks to intimacy, expanding your ability to give and receive love
♥ Be your authentic self and create the life you’ve always wanted
♥ Improve your body image and your self-esteem
♥ Make the right relationship choices for you
♥ Ask for what you want in your relationships
♥ Increase the depth and intimacy in all your relationships
♥ Embrace your sexuality as a special—and sacred—part of your life

Regardless of your history, relationship status, sexual preference or orientation, Love is a Miracle can give you tools for long-lasting happiness. HAI welcomes adults of all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientation and gender identity.

“ The most liberating workshop I have ever attended. I feel totally at choice and free. I actually feel more intimate with people on an everyday level and I understand my sexuality much more.” ~J.C.

To cancel/transfer your registration, TELEPHONE—do not email—the HAI business office at 707-981-7886.
 Once you are confirmed in a workshop, your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, and is TRANSFERABLE for a fee.

♥ $75 fee for changes made 2 WEEKS OR MORE before your workshop.
♥ $200 fee for changes made LESS THAN 2 WEEKS before your workshop.
♥ All monies paid are FORFEITED once the workshop begins.

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